Add Liquidity

The type or amount of tokens indicated in this tutorial is ONLY applicable to the Open Beta Event for The Lost Throne (from Jan 20th - Feb 20th, 2022).

As the generation of L-Keys for different games (going forward) may vary differently from their actual required liquidity pairs and the amount of LP tokens.

Prepare The Tokens

Before you start generating the L-Keys, you need to figure out first which tokens are required to deposit, to get the valid L-keys for the game. And also, how many LP tokens are required to generate one L-Key.

The LP tokens required to generate the L-Keys for the open beta version of The Lost Throne is CP-USDT Pair. And 100 CP-USDT LP tokens are required to generate one L-Key.

The open beta is taken place on the TEST BSC NETWORK. You will automatically receive the required TEST TOKENS once you have created/imported your wallet on the LL app. As shown in the below image:

it takes about 5 minutes for the test tokens to arrive in your wallet.

You will be getting:

  • 1000 $CP test tokens and 100 $USDT test tokens (for liquidity)

  • 0.01 BNB test tokens (for transaction fee)

You can get more BNB test tokens by requesting them on the BSC Test Faucet Website.

Deposit CP and USDT tokens

Step 1: Go to LandSwap

LandSwap is the in-app DEX for LibertyLand App.

Step 2: Connect Wallet and Go to Liquidity Section

In LandSwap, you will need to connect wallet. After that, go to "Liquidity", as we are not looking to swap anything but to add liquidity.

Tap "Add Liquidity" to move forward:

Step 3: Select The Pair, Choose Amount, and Approve Contract

Before you deposit the tokens, you will need to

  1. Select the tokens, which are CP and USDT respectively.

  2. Decide how many tokens you want to deposit. By choosing the amount of one token, the other one's amount will pop up right after. As illustrated above, I choose to deposit 500 CP tokens, it automatically shows that I need to also deposit 48.4808 USDT at the same time to have the same value (based on their swap price rate).

  3. Approve the contracts

Step 4: Supply The Tokens and Confirm

Once the contracts are approved, we can go ahead and hit the "Supply" button

Then, a confirmation page will pop up where you can see how many CP-USDT LP tokens you will receive by supplying the tokens in the previous step.

It tells us that we will be receiving roughly 155.686 CP-USDT LP tokens, which is larger than the 100 LP tokens required to generate one L-Key. So we are happy to go with that, just hit the "Confirm Supply" button to move to the next step.

Step 5: Wait For The LP Tokens To Arrive

Shortly after the blockchain confirms, you will see your LP tokens

You can also view it in your wallet

Alright, that's how you need to do to add the liquidity. In the next chapter, you will learn how exactly you can generate a game L-Key.

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