Manage L-Key

To manage your L-Key, tap the "My L-Key" button on the game page and tap "Manage L-Key"

There is a list of L-Keys under the wallet address. Tap "View L-KEY" to adjust any L-Keys you want.

Please be noted that under one blockchain address, you can generate as many L-Keys you want and distribute them to your community members if you have one guild community. However, one UID is bound to one L-Key.

You can regenerate the L-Key to have a new one and the old one will become invalid to log in to the game. This feature is specially tailored to the game guild.

Tap the "clock" icon on the top-right corner to adjust the expiration period for this L-Key.

By default, every L-Key is set to be permanently valid. However, you can choose to allow your L-Key to expire in one week or one month.

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