Liberty Land

Generate L-Key

Step 1: Find The Game

To generate L-Key, let's first go to the "Game" section, and select "The Lost Throne"

Step 2: Authorization

On the top-right corner of the game page, tap "Authorization"
A new window will pop up, tap on "connect" to go through.

Step 3: Generate L-Key

After your wallet is connected to the game, the top-right text will be changed from "Authorization" to "My L-KEY". Go ahead and tap that.
Then, go ahead and tap "Manage L-KEY"
We have no L-KEY yet, to add an L-KEY. tap the "plus" icon on the top-right corner.
Obviously, 155 LP tokens are only sufficient to generate one L-Key, but still enough to play the game, so let's go ahead and hit the "Add" button.
There you have it, one unique ID (UID) binding to your L-Key, the L-Key is your game login token, make sure no one else has it but yourself or your trusted ones.
Copy your L-Key and paste it into the game login page
Now, we are ready to download and play the game!