Mystery Box

What is Mystery Box?

If you are in the NFT gaming space for a while, then you would be familiar with "Mystery Box".

"Mystery Box", sometimes refers to as "Blind Box", is where players acquire NFT items in an NFT game. A mystery box contains one or many NFTs which are often used to play the games or have certain use cases in the game. Many games offer mystery boxes during their IGO (Initial Game Offering) stage where players (buyers) would usually get the genesis NFTs. But also, mystery boxes could be offered in unlimited supply without any time framework.

Mystery boxes always come with different NFTs with different scarcities, that's why it is called "Mysterious". Buyers wouldn't know what exactly they will get until they open the boxes. The uncertainty of not knowing what is inside prior to the opening has made NFT gaming so interesting and fascinating.

Mystery Box on LibertyLand

On Liberty Land, players can participate the Mystery Box purchase of any games that are currently available.

Go to the "NFT Market" section on Liberty Land App, the interface looks like the following:

Button 1: Purchase Mystery Box

This shows you how much does the mystery box cost. The tokens denominated for mystery boxes of different games could vary - it could be the game's tokens or mainstream tokens on the specific blockchain on which the game is deployed.

For the open beta version of The Lost Throne, mystery boxes are sold in $CP which is the governance token of the game.

Make sure you have enough $CP tokens in your LL wallet and go ahead and tap on the button.

Confirm in your wallet to go through the blockchain transaction.

After the transaction is completed, you will be seeing the following opening of the box animation.

Once the box is open, you can immediately browse your NFT card(s). As illustrated, the mystery boxes of The Lost Throne contain 6 unqiue NFT cards.

Button 2: Open Boxes in Inventory

If you purchase mystery boxes on Liberty Land App, the box opening process will be triggered right after your purchase.

However, if you acquired the mystery boxes elsewhere, say through Binance NFT IGO. Then you would probably need to first transfer the boxes (mystery box is an NFT token per se) to Liberty Land App.

Once you have transferred mystery boxes from elsewhere to Liberty Land App, the boxes will be kept in your inventory. And you can open the mystery box from the inventory.

Button 3: Check Game List

In the upper-right corner, you can click the extendable button to view the list of games that are currently selling mystery boxes. Different games on the Liberty Land have different mystery box pages.

Currently, only The Lost Throne is selling mystery boxes.

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