List NFT (For Sale)

How To List NFT?

Step 1: Select the NFT you want to list

For demonstration purposes, let's try to list this NFT card named "Uriangdo". The upper-right corner number shows how many cards of this kind you own.

For ERC-1155 or BEP-1155 NFTs, it is possible to have duplicates. In fact, many NFT games issue 1155-protocol NFT cards.

Tap on the NFT card you want to sell, and the below window will pop up

Tap on "List For Sell" to go through.

Step 2: Set Up Selling Price

The next step is to set up the price you want to sell this NFT.

The NFT Marketplace on Liberty Land currently does not support NFT bidding at the moment, so please set up the listing at a fixed price.

You can sell one particular NFT card with the amount of one or more than one as a bundle. Just set up the amount. Please be noted, however, when you submit a listing of a bundle, the total price would be the multiplication of the amount of NFTs and the unit price per NFT.

Buyers can only purchase the whole bundle in the marketplace, purchasing a portion of a few cards is not an option.

Additionally, you can view the NFT card in detail, including:

  • Basic info such as rarity, feature, owner, etc.,

  • Blockchain details such as contract address, token ID, etc.,

  • Price history in a price chart

Step 3: List

After you have decided the price you want to sell, tap on the "connect request" button and the following will pop up.

Tap on the "confirm" button to process the blockchain transaction

It takes a while for the blockchain transaction to confirm

Once it is done, you can view your listing under "Listed"

Step 4 (if applicable): Cancel and Edit Listing

Find the NFT under the "Listed" column you would like to cancel the listing or edit the listing

  • Cancel Listing: to delist your NFT from the marketplace

  • List For Sell: change the amount and total price

If you want to change the amount and total price of listed NFTs, you wouldn't have to cancel the listing first then list again, all you need to do is edit the listing.

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